Commander’s Message

June 20, 2020

Dear Members and Friends,

Here is the latest info that I have regarding the continued closing of Post 268 due to the dreaded Covid-19 virus.

On Wednesday, we heard from Governor Hogan on the reopening progress in Maryland, followed by a memo on Thursday from County Executive Elrich on the opening up of Montgomery County. Bottom line, we are still in a closed posture with no timeline as to when we will be able to reopen.

Some of you probably heard that Post 41 in Silver Spring reopened and wonder why we haven’t done so. That is true, and they are open on a limited basis following strict guidelines put out by the County. One of those guidelines, and the reason that we couldn’t follow suite, is that Post 41 has a good sized outdoor area in the back that is able to be monitored. Post 268 does not have that luxury.

Last weekend, myself along with the President of the Ways & Means Committee, took it upon ourselves to go on a fact-finding mission to Post 41 to observe their operations and take notes on how we can incorporate their best practices when 268 opens. We interviewed the Post 41 Commander, bartender, and various staff members and believe we have a good beginning, working model to utilize for our own reopening. We ask that everyone who will re-patronize Post 268 upon our reopening to please follow any and all guidelines that we set forth for our particular circumstances. Those guidelines will be printed up and openly on display throughout the Post.

Please be patient and congenial when the time comes to reopen as we attempt to adapt to this changed environment. I will put out the guidelines in this forum when it becomes more clear to us and in accordance with County mandates.

Also, if you are so inclined, please consider bringing a donation of a bottle of hand sanitizer or disinfectant wipes for the Legion supply. Mask donations to give out to those that forget theirs would be welcomed, too. I don’t think I have to tell you all (but I will) that our Post will be running on an extremely tight budget for the foreseeable future and anything that you can do to offset costs would be greatly appreciated.

Other Legion business: 2021 membership cards have come in. Please send your dues ($45) to the Post so we can start the Legion year off fast towards reaching our membership goal for 2021 and get in a bit of a revenue stream. Remember, the dues amount is now $45 which is a very slight increase over the previous past years.

As always, stay safe and healthy and I look forward to seeing everyone soon.

Yours in service,
Ed McCaw

Wheaton, Maryland